Alert On ADA Price prediction

Cardano price predictions are completely insane right now. We see people speculating left and right about the price of Cardano to go to 50$, or 100$ or even 500$. This is complete ignorance. The price is a function of supply and demand. the market capitalization of Cardano ADA is about 55Bn$ right now, at 1.7$ price of ADA. if we want to go to 15$ the market cap needs to be 500Bn$, this is possible. But to get a price of 50$ we need to multiply the market capitalization by 30x, this is 1.6Tn$ that is not possible knowing the actual macro economical environment we are in.

I hope people that are in the community don’t fool people, this does more harm than good to the ecosystem.



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2021-06-01 18:47 -0700